A peek inside 4 NEW Zooboo books!

We, just like YOU, love everything that has to do with books, reading, concepts, bright illustrations & personalization. And after months of hardwork, research, testing & trials we are proud to announce the addition of FOUR new books to the world of Zooboo!

Just like the first 6 titles, these new books are packed with fun, excitement & a ton of learning concepts. You can personalize them by adding your child’s name on the cover page and throughout the story. You can also pick the character of the protagonist (girl/boy). 

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We are so excited for your kids to enjoy these amazing new books, that we put together a short summary for each of them, just for YOU!

1. What shape would you be?

About: What if you could be any shape that you wished for? This fun-filled book is an exciting way to introduce your child to the world of shapes! With every page your little one will learn a new shape in a totally unique way. Don’t miss this book filled with quirky illustrations.

Ages: 0-3 years

Key learnings: This book focuses on shapes, imaginative play, colours and action words. The story wraps up with a sweet message of self-appreciation & loving ourselves just as we are!

2. Is your cat in the Zoo?

About: This book will make your child fall in love with the animal kingdom as he/she searches for their lost pet cat in the Zoo. With a cute rhyme scheme and eye-catchy graphics, this one might just become your child’s favourite animal book! Enjoy a walk through the Zoo and learn about different animal sounds with this one.

Ages: 0-3 years

Key learnings: This book will introduce your child to different animals in the zoo, animal sounds, rhyming words & rhyme-schemes. You can also talk to them about the responsibility of owning a pet & about pet care.

3. A Surprise for

About: A day spent with daddy dearest while enjoying the excitement of a fun fair, that’s what this entertaining book is all about! Watch your kid grin as they experience the thrill of ridding on a roller coaster and the joy of playing carnival games through this engaging book. Filled with bright and colourful illustrations, your child NOT be able to put this one down.

Ages: 4-8 years

Key learnings: This book focuses on a host of opposites, descriptive words, adjectives and ofcourse father & child’s special bond.

4. Lost Smile

About: This fantasy tale will take your child on an exciting adventure in an enchanted forest! In the quest for their lost smile, they will meet magical creatures and explore the woods together. This one will mesmerize your child with its delightful illustrations, unique characters & engaging storyline.

Ages: 4-8 years

Key learnings: Your child will be able to enhance their language skills, learn new words & augment their imagination & social skills with this book. It is also a good way to teach your kids about dealing with disappointment and becoming self-reliant.

Head over to www.zooboostory.com to explore these super exciting 4 new books today! Personalize them & gift them to any 0-8 year old & watch their eyes shine as they read their name in it.

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