6 exciting benefits of personalized storybooks!

You may think that personalized storybooks for kids are just a gifting strategy, targeted at aunts, uncles, grandma’s, grandpa’s etc as an easy solution for a present. Yes, that is part of the story, but there is more to it than just a great present, they actually help children learn more…

We already did a blog post about how ‘Zooboo books help enhance learning at home’ (link to blog 3), but while researching more we discovered that there were numerous, convincing reasons for investing in a set of personalised children’s books.

So why are personalised books beneficial for your child?

1. More captivating

A study conducted in the USA found that when personalized aspects were added to children’s school reading books, their reading comprehension scores improved by more than 40% compared with peers reading non personalized stories! This means that they are listening more attentively and getting more from the time you are spending with them than when you read a regular book.

2. Facilitates literacy skills

A 2014 study exploring the impact of personalized story content on word acquisition in preschool age children showed “significantly better knowledge about the words that were in the personalized sections of the books than the words in the non-personalized sections.”  The same study has also concluded that “reading personalized books provides a positive context for speech production”.

Books undoubtedly help in improving children’s literacy skills; and adding the personalization touch eases this process. When the child is the star of the story, it is bound to really engage and encourage him to talk about it and hence learn better from it.

3.  Boosts self esteem

The National Literacy Trust research report says “There may be great potential for personalized books to facilitate positive shared book talk, young children’s reading enjoyment and motivation, their sense of themselves as readers, their self-esteem and aspirations”. There is a sense of uniqueness to a personalized book because parents and the child know that there is no other book out there like it. This feeling of ownership of the book and its content is a great first step in the process of becoming and perceiving oneself as a ‘reader’ and builds confidence.

4. Culturally suited

The option of reflecting gender and cultural background in personalized books gives children the opportunity to see a person ‘just like them’ represented in a published book. Inclusion consultant Beth Cox says, “All children have the right to be included in books, to see faces that they can relate to on the covers, to meet characters with similar families, lives and experiences.” For example, Zooboo books have Indian cultural references like a typical doting Indian grandmother, characters that don’t look drastically different from the reader etc. These small details do make an impact on how the child perceives their place in the world.

5. Enhances social skills

A 2015 review by ‘The reading agency’ and ‘BOP Consulting’ noted that “reading is closely linked to increasing understanding of our own identities and can also play a large part in relating to others, understanding their views and so forth”.  When children read personalized books and view themselves as the protagonist, their brains see themselves enacting the behaviours of the hero – sharing things, being curious, helping out. They may gradually realise that they already have these traits and learn how to use them socially.

6. Perfect gifts and keepsakes

Personalized gifts are wonderful keepsakes as it increases the connection between the gift giver and the child. And personalised books are the best kinds of gifts because they’re unique to the child, super useful, long lasting and impact a child’s life in such a positive way! A child will always keep and cherish this special gift.   

So now you know it – 6 excellent reasons why personalized children’s books are better than regular books. Hopefully this article has opened your eyes to the fact that a personalized book has many valuable benefits for a child, other than being just a really fun gift.If you’re interested in exploring personalized books further, then take a look at Zooboo story website and all our original and heart-warming personalized books. Written, designed, edited and printed completely in-house by our special team, with but one aim – make reading more fun for kids. Aimed at ages 0-8, our fun personalizations include your child’s name and character (boy/girl) on the cover and throughout the story!

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