Inside Zooboo Storybooks (Part 2)

In the current times where most of the kids are spending maximum time indoors, a lot of parents are looking for new fun ways to keep them creatively occupied. Why not engage them with personalized story books? Don’t agree that books are important for your kids? Click here (insert link to previous blog) to read our previous post on WHY books are super helpful for kids of all ages.

In our earlier blog, we have explained all about our first 3 books which are for the younger kids (ages 0-4 years). And now… yup you guessed it! We bring to you the other 3 books for the older kids, aged 4-8 years! Take a look below and let us know what you think of these funky stories:

4.    Play Bo-peep!

About this book: This entertaining book will soon become your child’s favourite animal book. Indulge your 4-6 year old with their favourite game of hide and seek but with a whole cast of cute animal critters. Your kid will love exploring a nature park and making friends with all the animals that live in it! Won’t you join him too!?

Key takeaways for kids: This book encourages kids to understand different types of animals and their features. The narrative builds curiosity in the young reader to try and spot the animal that is hiding in the natural habitat.

Age group: 4-6 years

5. Birthday!

About this book: This captivating story book is all about the excitement around a child’s favourite day! It is a birthday countdown story that is sure to keep 4-8 year olds engaged and excited. The author involves your child in the birthday party planning process right from deciding the menu, cake flavours and party caps to designing her own birthday invite. Can’t you just visualize your kids falling in love with the stunning visuals of this book!?

Key takeaways for kids: This book is the most fun way to introduce numbers to your kids. They will also learn counting and backward counting. The book is filled with describing words and a lot of new vocabulary for the young ones.

Age group: 4-8 years

6. Gets wings!

About this book: This one is an imaginative book that makes a child think about out-of-the-box scenarios. It is a beautifully illustrated tale that gets them to think of all the fun and wonderful adventures they can experience if they could fly. Could they go meet their grandma or their friends? Or maybe they can fly to the top of the tallest tree? Your kid will love coming up with his own ideas of what he would do if he could fly!

Key takeaways for kids: This book strengthens their observational and innovation skills as well as their ability to visualize. It encourages them to broaden their horizon and be creative and use their lateral thinking skills.

Age group: 5-8 years

So are you ready to go ahead and buy your favourite set of Zooboo books!? Gift them to kids of any age group and watch them enjoy visualizing themselves as a part of the story – after all they are the heroes here right!?

Check out the books here!

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