25 ‘Me-time’ ideas for Moms

Happy Mother’s Day to all the MOMS reading this blog!

What is the surest way to make an overworked mom laugh? Tell her something like “You should take some time out for yourself”. HAHA! How? When? Most of the day is mom-time, where is the time to indulge in frivolous things? But when we women are drained, stressed or burnt out, we are not giving our families our all. It is most important that we feel refreshed. Don’t think of it as self-indulgence but as self-preservation. 

And so this month, take it as a challenge to remove some ‘me-time’ for yourself at least once every week!

Make a list of things you actually love to do, things that refresh you up. And if you need help with the list then here are 25 easy ideas:

1. Enjoy a cup of coffee or masala chai. Try to really enjoy it without simultaneously scrolling through your phone. But instead play your favourite songs and dive into another world.

2. Gift yourself something new – Check out some cute personalized gifts you could order to cheer you up. (https://www.zoomin.com/gifts

3. Watch TV – Turn in half an hour early and watch some of your favourite shows.

4. Sing or Karaoke – You will be surprised how good it will make you feel to just sing your favourite tunes. Trust us. 

5. Go for a walk/jog – Don’t worry about concentrating on calories. Just get out for a stroll or a jog and soak in what’s going on around you.

6. Call your friend/sister – Call someone who haven’t spoken to in a while and just catch up.

7. Bake – This may seem like a tedious task but it has proven to be wonderfully therapeutic. Try out different stuff like these ‘Oats brownies’ for some healthy baking ideas. (http://www.creativesaga.com/eggless-oats-chocolate-brownies-recipe-healthy-cake-recipes

8. Create an album – Gather your favourite pictures, maybe some collages of your last few travels and gift yourself a beautiful photobook – check out personalized photo books here. ( https://www.zoomin.com/photobooks

9. Read. If not books, search about the things you always wanted to know. After all there is an ocean of knowledge still untapped. Dig in the knowledge gold. 

10. List down things you are grateful for – In fact, make this ‘gratitude exercise’ a daily routine – spend 2-5 minutes a day to thank the universe for your health and loved ones. It instantly makes you feel positive!

11. Get artsy – Grab your kid’s colours and colouring book. Or check out simple DIY arts like a crayon candle. (https://www.evermine.com/blog/diy-crayon-candles/#:~:text=Using%20one%20crayon%20per%20color,dry%20for%2020%2D30%20minutes.) 

12. Play a game.

13.  Journaling. Many a times, penning down random thoughts or maintaining a journal helps to give a new perspective. Check out some beautiful journals. (https://www.zoomin.com/stationery/notebooks )

14. Make a vision board for yourself – check this (https://christinekane.com/how-to-make-a-vision-board/) article to understand what is a vision board and how you can make one. If you don’t have too many magazines you can always print your ideas here. (https://www.zoomin.com/photo-prints

15. Do some planting – you can keep it as easy as some hassle free succulents or indoor plants. 

16. Write down your bucket list.

17. Workout – Sign up for zumba, pilates or yoga classes online. Check this out for free online pilates. (https://www.blogilates.com/video-page/

18. Fluid art – Look up online if there are any fluid art classes that you can sign up for. This type of art is free form and can make you feel really relaxed and in control. If you’re curious about fluid art, check out this article. ( https://www.thehansindia.com/life-style/fluid-art-the-fascinating-art-of-pour-painting-602121

19. Try out a new makeup tutorial – there are tons of basic to advanced tutorials on YouTube and Instagram. Find one that you like and actually set aside time to try it out! 

20.  Meditate. Or do some light feel good stretches. Suryanamaskars are a great full-body stretch too. 

21. Weekend hike – If you are in a location where it is safe to step outside, then take your kids for a weekend trek/hike – even though it isn’t ‘solo time’ but it will still get you close to nature and you will find yourself refreshed. 

22. Self-care – Since we don’t have access to salons, keep some time to refresh your skin and hair weekly. You can pre-make hair and face masks to use a few times in the week. Try some scented candles during this routine to make you feel calm and pampered.

23. Take a nap. 

24. Organize your closet – This may not seem like it’s a ‘me-time’ activity. But for many of us, de-cluttering and re organizing spaces can leave us feeling energized and fulfilled. 

25. Do nothing (our personal favourite).

What is your most preferred activity to recharge yourself? Share your unique ideas and let us keep adding to the list!

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