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About Zooboo

What is Zooboo's objective?
We seek to spark curiosity in the minds of young children and encourage learning through these books. We also aim to instill confidence, creativity and give children a broader perspective about their surroundings.The stories & illustrations are designed to inspire. Besides making them fall in love with reading our objective is to contribute to their growth and become their best childhood memory.

What's a personalized Storybook?
Every child becomes the hero of their own story at Zooboo. Each book is personalized with the name of your child on the cover and throughout the story. Pick a girl or a boy character, add your child’s name and leave the rest to us.

Can I see what the book's look like before I order one?
Without a doubt! Once you enter the details, you can preview the complete book before placing your order.

Which formats are the Zooboo books available in?
The way that can be held for long. Our books are durable board book pages with rounded corners for your child’s safety. Available in 2 sizes - 5.5x5.5 inch and 8x8 inch.

Can I customize the character of my kids avatar?
The personalization feature is currently available only for the name, gender. Our team is working on adding more features as we move ahead. This is just the beginning!

Can I submit stories to be published?
Absolutely! We'd love to collaborate with creative minds. Zooboo is not just a storybook creator brand but a platform that engages with kids and parents by appreciating every kid’s talent. And we are serious when we say this.
Share your ideas with us here and the team will get in touch with you.

Do you do a book for older kids or elders?
Our storybooks are ideal for kids upto 8 yrs. But we know elders will give it a curious turn too. There are 2 sets mainly for 0-4 and 4-8 years.